It's not in our nature to show the world that we can have a bad day. We don't think it would be "helpful" to show our audiences the everyday "bed-hair and pajamas" image that we often fall into.

It's NOT that we go out of way to intentionally lie and deceive others in our life. Sometimes the truth hurts or gets too complicated.

Achievement Unlocked: Bullshit Zero

You've probably heard of the term "inbox zero" on one productivity blog or another. It speaks to spending time everyday going through an ocean of emails that show up in our inbox every day. Reaching this goal can feel like an amazing achievement, especially for those of us who receive anywhere from 100 - 1000 emails a day.

Well I've got a new challenge and a new productivity achievement to unlock: Bullshit Zero.

I haven't really had an issue with this inside the family circle, but within my friends, my clients, and even authority figures, I've had to draw some lines in the sand.

I've said it many times:

"I don't care how you act and talk around other people. If you wanna bullshit them, be a smart-ass, or talk out of your ass, that's fine. BUT when you're talking with me, I'm not gonna deal with excuses, made-up lies, or play some kind of game. I'll just walk away."

Anyone can exaggerate a story or fill the air with a bunch of meaningless words. I catch plenty of friends showing off their verbal judo skills. You're guilty of this and so am I.

BUT, when we get in the routine of using these hollow words and excuses, we lose all the meaning in our conversation, entire stories get misunderstood, and the whole act of talking and communicating is useless.

Bullshit in Business

When it comes to marketing and branding, everything in our world is wrapped in candy-wrappers, sugar-coatings, pc friendly verbiage, then gently dipped in industry jargon and lightly sprinkled with attitude. We wordsmith our articles and sales-copy. We use all the little tricks and tactics to lure viewers and visitors into our space; PRAYING that they opt-in to our special deal or buy our products.

Exactly how does that qualify as honest or transparent? How will this ever lead to attracting an audience that loves and supports you? Will this really help build a business or an audience that feels like you're taking care of them? I doubt it.

Transparency isn't enough when we're only being transparent in the opportune moments. Being fair and unbiased isn't enough, mainly because that's im-fucking-possible! Claiming to be "good for everyone" means that whatever you're describing is almost completely worthless.

Taking the time to set aside the bullshit political correctness and the obvious marketing trickery is the only way I know of to connect with an audience.

Inviting them to do the same - welcoming them into this place - Is perhaps the only way to know if they're really on your team.

The places I seem to find the MOST bullshit:

  • Social Media
  • Commercial Marketing
  • Corporate Dogma
  • Tribal Beliefs
  • Pop-Culture / Social Stereotypes
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