What actually moves the needle in your life and business?

Every Day I spend SOME amount of time on YouTube Videos, Watching Netflix, Listening to Podcasts, Driving my family around, cooking meals, and doing the house work (ok that last one was a bit of a stretch).

In my business, I spend SOME amount of time reading emails, answering questions, catching up with business partners, brainstorming new and creative ideas, and telling stories with mentors.

What ACTUALLY moves the needle FOR ME is having conversations with clients, keeping my eyes glued to active projects, and keeping my head down when the rest of the world is yelling me to look at the next shiny thing. Since the world will NEVER run out of shiny things to look at, I've made my #1 Rule for life and business "Do shit that matters".

There will always be those tasks and chores that "steal" my time and my family will always need another ride or meal. Those things I find trivial aren’t just going to magically go away.

"Do Shit That Matters" isn't a snappy little one-liner you find in a fortune cookie or a catchy click-bait headline; it's a reminder to me that not EVERYTHING I do will ultimately move the needle. It's a war-cry that I can personally rally around when the distractions get thick and heavy. They are the four words that snap me back into motion, and I'm hoping to share this message with you today.

Let's Talk about clutter…

Chances are you think of clutter as that pile of books on your desk, that pile of clothes you haven't put away, those dishes piling up in the sink, or those boxes in the hallway that you need to take to storage.

When you're the Man of Many Squirrels, you see clutter (aka distractions) everywhere.

  • Emails in your inbox you don't want to read
  • Websites that hide answers behind shiny ads
  • Phone calls that don't serve some critical purpose
  • Chores that need to be done before I can work
  • Last minute calendar items that sneak in through the cracks
  • Nostalgic Memories that break my concentration
  • Clever ideas that redirect my brain cells
  • Drama that captures my attention
  • News and Events that add negative energy

Clutter is a bottleneck, an anchor that holds you back, a distraction that breaks your workflow. More accurately it's a REACTION to something that catches our attention.

When we prioritize this clutter that is forcing us to react, we are making the decision to embrace the shiny objects, the anchors that hold us back, and the obstacles that stand in our way.

Killing the clutter with Deliberate Action

First, notice I'm not saying that these distractions will every go away or that you should cut them out of your life. After all, the act of taking my daughter to school or cooking dinner for my family is still important.

What I do recommend - if I have any room to talk - is that we should stop allowing our reactions and distractions to occupy the same space as our planned tasks and activities. We could even find neat little places in our schedules for these tasks to live.

Next, we can choose to respond rather than react. Pausing for a moment to think before simply reacting to a situation puts the control back in our hands. If we lose that control, we just don't know where we'll end up when we get done "dealing" with whatever just caught our attention.

Lastly, we can fight the grime instead of just clearing the clutter. Once we've moved the important stuff from "reaction" to "action", it takes little effort to spot the dirt that needs to be cleaned. We can come up with a plan of attack and strike on those things that truly need our attention.

Do Shit that Matters is a Call To Action, NOT just another excuse to react. It means we've identified what's important, and what will just get in the way.

It's a promise that when we talk, we won't spend 20 minutes talking about the weather or who's sports team is better. It's a reminder that there will always be distractions that want my attention; and that my attention is most valuable when it's placed on those I serve.

Big Dave
Big Dave
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