I suppose when you have a childhood where your parents move you around a lot, it can affect how you see the world when you grow up.

2 major affects it had on me...

It proved to me that there is more in this world than what we're normally exposed to, and it made diagnosing and dealing with my ADHD almost impossible.

Rule #3 - Question Everything!

While I could sit here and lament over all the struggles I've been through, it's not nearly as interesting as exploring all the possibilities out there in the world today.

Being the "new kid" forced me to introduce myself; to be okay with being different, and to understand that I had "seen more" than my average classmate - maybe more than the teacher. It meant I had a story to tell that hadn't been heard before and maybe a creative edge when it came to thinking outside the box.

More Than Just Rebellious

After seeing as much as I did in my young life, it became hard for me believe the somewhat shallow words of my friends, teachers, and co-workers. I knew there was always more just below the surface. It amazed me that so many people (and now so many companies) stop at the skin-deep details and rely just on appearances.

When I started asking questions, I imagine it appeared to others that I was being rebellious or irreverent. I actually enjoy that title now, but back when I was actually trying to fit in, it was like a tattoo on my forehead that ear-marked me as someone who doesn't play well with others.

Looking back, I couldn't accept the shallow details; the small talk and simple words everyone seemed to be throwing around. They seemed so hollow to be talking about the silly little things on the surface; commenting on just the appearance that they could see.

Questioning The Deceitful Appearances

Our eyes make up about 70% of the senses we use in everyday life. We focus on what we see, judge our environment (and the people in it) based on what we can see, and make our very first decisions based only on the evidence our eyes can give us. So I think it's fair to say that our reality is literally limited by our vision.

Unfortunately, we don't have x-ray vision, we can only see what's on the surface, and our vision-based judgement is hilariously flawed. It's so bad - in fact - that two people looking at the same object will often describe it in critically different ways.

This is why I ask questions, why I question the answers, and why I choose to ask more even more questions. I know there is more to the world, because I have seen it. I know there are more interesting details in your head than the words coming out of your mouth. I know there is a better story to tell than just the words we write.

Show Notes:

  • When speaking or telling a story to others, we all create a huge story in our heads. We add hundreds of notes, pictures, and references. None of which make it out of our mouths
  • We use the shallowest appearances to assume and judge what might be below the surfaces. We do this even though we KNOW there isn't a good reason to judge a book by it's cover
  • Asking questions allows us to go deeper and understand what lives below the surface.
  • Since there is ALWAYS more to find and explore, I've made it a habit (and a personal rule) to question everything until I feel like we're on the same page.
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